Production (Lights! Camera! Action!)


This is the first step to creating your amazing story.  This is where we create a unique and engaging narrative about your product or service, which will allow your potential audience to follow and understand why and how you do what you do.


Sometimes pictures alone aren’t enough. If your product or service needs some level of explanation so the audience understands the pictures better, we’ll create a script that explains, in clear language (no techno-jargon), why you offer the best darn widget on the market.


Once we have a script, we need to draw or textually devise all the different shots we will need to clearly show how your product or service will benefit the user.  We are basically telling your story with a series of pictures, so it’s important that every picture says what we need it to.


Once we have a storyboard, we can start executing the actual “shooting” phase of the project.  This really is the “lights, camera, action” part of the entire process.  After everything is “in the can”, we can move onto post-production or editing.