Testimonial Videos

How It Works

  • Infinity Video Productions will film the testimonials at your customer’s locations.
  • We will provide you with (4) testimonial questions (approved by you) to be asked of your customers during the interview.
  • We will film your customer answering the questions and edit this together with various scenes of their business into a 2 to 3 minute testimonial, all in High Definition.
  • This professionally edited segment comes complete with:
    • Your company name and logo
    • The name of the customer
    • The name of the customer’s business
    • Your company contact information (website, email address. Facebook, Twitter handle,  etc.)
  • Ee will send you a link to download the videos to use on your website, YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and any other social media outlet you currently use.

What You Get

  • A unique and useful new sales tool
  • A professionally filmed and edited showcase of your work at various customer locations
  • The ability to increase traffic to your website, YouTube Channel, Facebook page etc.
  • The opportunity to show potential new customers that your current customers trust you and value your product or service

The Investment

2 Testimonials – $1150 + HST
4 Testimonials – $1950 + HST
6 Testimonials – $2650 + HST

Sample Videos

Design Electronics